Monday, July 18, 2011

Bushwick Walkabout Festival Photos!

Our long-awaited Bushwick Walkabout Festival this past weekend at BK Fireproof East was simply magnificent- the music sweet, the friends sweaty, and the beer free. Thanks to everyone who came out and of course all of the bands that made this festival happen in the first place. Here are photos from the weekend.


Camden rocked out all the way from Boston with vocally-driven tracks that were both raw and lush.

Beast Make Bomb : Thanks to these BK locals for taking the crowd on a musical rollercoaster with rock'n'roll riffs and beachy, almost-spoken vocals, bringing a refreshing lo-fi level to this otherwise very rock-oriented showcase.

Grandchildren: Super intricate soundscapes, layer upon layer of emotionally-laden melodies and riffs. Philly Reps Grandchildren extinguished any doubt the neighbors night have had that this festival would stay on the quite side.

The Toothaches: Filling in for the (now) broken-up Arpline, The Toothaches' no-apologies-offered-punk-pop brought Friday night to its peak in a frenzy of percussion, synth, layered harmonies, amazing energy and a whole lot of facepaint.


Wowser Bowser's memorable set was one of the most fun of the weekend. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia just for the weekend, their DIY-sound combines delicate vocal melodies and racing percussion with outrageous stage presence, an awesome trumpet player, and BALLOONS!

Incredible set from an incredible Brooklyn band, Slam Donahue. Garage-style beats, floaty synth melodies and rhythmic and whiney vocals, these guys are catchy enough to get stuck in your head all week. Kinda like a 90s song... except in a non-guitly way.

Headless Horseman The ultimately-experimental duo sounded great towards the end of the night with their lo-fi approach, tricky rhythms, and airy falsetto chorals. Facing each other as if eating a meal together, they served up some fine glitchy pop songs.

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