Friday, April 1, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We made it.  27 shows down to South By and back with Tiny Victories.  Here are some photo and video highlights of the BirdDog parties at SXSW!  Thanks to all my friends (old and new) that made this experience a success!

BirdDog party, Thursday night @ The Aquarium

The Aquarium

Spin was there to catch Yellow Ostrich's performance

MillionYoung got the party moving

BirdDog party, Saturday night @ Tito's House

Tito's House 

First up, Doldrums.  

Party gets moved inside.  Whalers hold it down.

The Yes Way

Tour buddies, Monogold

Holiday Shores from Florida

Candy Claws (house party footage halfway though)

Gobble Gobble need no caption


Janka, got some hips shaking.  Bubu music is the best music!

Bear Hands playing Crime Pays

Tiny Victories (with their shirts on) shortly before crazed dancing erupted

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